Anam Dance Fitness was established by Gayle Rattigan to provide fitness classes suitable for all ages and abilities motivated by music.

I am an every day person who lives in Rotorua, New Zealand. I love to dance and enjoy how music can take you to another dimension when you allow yourself to truly let go and feel the music. It is a wonderful feeling, so much so that I decided to become an instructor to share my passion with others. When the music takes over you hardly notice you are working out at all but the benefits are real.

I look forward to meeting you in class soon.


14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Carmen
    I’m picking up on this thread. I am running the Strong by Zumba classes – they are at 5.30pm Wednesdays and located at LPAC Studios. I would love to see you again


  2. Hi Gayle

    I’m an ex jazz dancer and love zumba. Do you have classes running at the moment? If so when and where are they, and how much is it per class? Looking forward to your reply

    Kathryn Piesse Hunter


  3. Hi, I’m a mother of five daughters, one of them living in NZ ,Rotorua since about 10years.
    My name is Gertraud, 63 years old.
    My home is in Regensburg, Germany, Bavaria…
    I’ll come to NZ, Rotorua on Sunday 26th of February.
    I’ll stay for 8 weeks and I would love to join a group of dancers for a few weeks!
    I’m dancing since 30 years, mainly belly dance but also tribal and Folklore dances…
    Last year I joined a modern jazz class and it’s a great joy for me to be part of this group.
    Please send an answer whether it’s possible to come to your studio!
    Best wishes and greetings from Bavaria!
    Hope you all are safe and ok because of the previous floods and heavy storm!!!!


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