The word ANAM is from the Irish language and means SOUL. It is fitting because our aim is to improve fitness through movement which is motivated by music and nourishing for the soul.

Our classes are varied and cater for different levels of fitness. They are not designed to be complicated – we want you to achieve your goals and feel successful but most of all have fun. Yes, you will be working out as well – that’s where the music comes in – the power of music can transport you to another place, take your mind off day to day troubles, sing, unwind and just let loose.

Your instructor Gayle, holds current licenses to instruct Bokwa Fitness and specialty programmes, Zumba Fitness ZIN and specialty programmes including Zumba Gold, TotalBarre and Strong by Zumba (SBZ) programmes.  She is also registered with REPs New Zealand, is an approved provider under the Strength and Balance Programme and holds a current CPR and First Aid Certificate.

Gayle is also a Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer for New Zealand which means she trains new instructors for the Bokwa Fitness programme throughout NZ.

We look forward to sharing our passion for movement to music to create healthy habits with you soon.