banners-vertical-01Bokwa is the hottest new fitness programme sweeping the globe.  Bokwa is a cardio intense, dance-fitness programme that is really easy to pick up making it accessible to everyone. It is not just a workout … it’s an experience!

We have a passion for ‘FITNESS’ that is also ‘FUN’ and are committed to helping you get started in your fitness journey and to stay there.  With Bokwa there is no need to count steps or learn choreography. Each move is based on a letter or number making Bokwa easy to learn. Once you have learned the step you can own it and then add your own style and flair. Today’s hottest hit music will pump up and energise you to take your workout to the next level.

Your local instructor, Gayle is also a Bokwa Education Specialist Trainer (BEST) for New Zealand specialising in Bokwa Levels 1-4, Tone & Core and Step & Up.  She also teaches Punch & Strike classes locally.

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If you are interested in becoming a Bokwa instructor or would like more information about Bokwa generally, please email Gayle direct using the link Contact Gayle