Bokwa Fitness

I wanted to talk a little about Bokwa Fitness.  This is an amazing program because the concept is so simple.  Formed from basic steps to everyday music cued by hand signals – it creates an easy to follow class that both newcomers and experienced participants can enjoy all at the same time.

The steps outline letters or numbers on the floor which the instructor cues by hand signals based on American sign language and other unique Bokwa hand signals. It means you can enjoy the music while you move and easily add your own style and flair.  Because you can move so freely you truly get total enjoyment from the movement as well as a fantastic workout.

This really is one class where you can lose yourself in the music, enjoy the movement and the buzz you get from uninhibited dance.

Come and join a class soon:

9:15am – Monday – Bokwa Dance
6:00pm – Monday – Bokwa Punch & Strike
6:00pm – Thursday – Bokwa Dance


Take your fitness journey up a notch and become a Bokwa instructor.  Our next Level 1 instructor workshop is on Sunday 9 October 2016 in Tauranga.  Register online at

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