Celebrate Success


I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days and I think it is worthy of a mention.

I have a wonderful group who are regular attendees at my weekly Zumba Gold classes.  I have seen newcomers walk into the room a little hesitant, perhaps nervous and be welcomed by the regulars, shown where to stand so they can see properly, even shown a couple of moves.

There are people from different backgrounds but on the dance floor they all have one thing in common, they love the music and moving together.  I have seen friendships grow, a sense of caring and looking out for each other and it is an honour to be a part of this group.

This week we celebrated the success of one of our members who has completed a doctorate in education.  Rosemary has been working with gifted students for a number of years and has now completed her studies.  In my mind it is an outstanding achievement and something we would not have known if it had not been for Carole.  She organised a small ceremony for Rosemary just before our class last Friday followed by a morning tea to celebrate.  That is the sort of community and friendship I am talking about and which touched me so much.  Small gestures that mean so much and bring us all together as a family.

… and do you know what???  Why should we keep things to ourselves, what is wrong with letting people know that we have done something we are proud of, something amazing and positive, that took time, hard work and sacrifices.  Good spreads good, you never stop learning and if someone achieves something it should be a celebration and definitely worthy of a mention.

So I’m proud of our small group and what everyone has achieved together and this week I was honoured to play a small part in acknowledging the success of one of our members.

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